Who We Are

Sally O’Brien is a progressive journalist and media activist. Her journalistic career began in 1980 in the WBAI News Department. She has served as street reporter, Associate News Director, Interim Public Affairs Director, and Executive Producer of several programs at WBAI and as Associate Weekend News Director, Co-Producing/Anchoring The WBAI Sunday News.  She also designed and ran a News Department at WOMR-FM in Massachusetts.

In 2008, along with Jennifer Wager, Sally Produced and Directed the documentary Against The Silence: Families of The Cuban Five Speak Out.  She has written for The Nation, The Guardian, The City Sun, and The Advocate, among others.  She served as an audio engineer with United Nations Radio for 18 years and as a substitute producer, reporting weekly to Associated Press “Special Edition” and Maryknoll Radio “Voices of Our World.”  Other credits include working with the Peoples Video Network on a monthly cable program “Activist News.”

Our Cuba In Focus website issues out of our monthly radio show (of the same name) which airs on WBAI/Pacifica Radio-99.5FM/New York (http://wbai.org) the last Thursday of every month at 8PM EST.

Hosted by:

Sally OBrien – Executive producer, scriptwriter, editor and engineer with Associate Producer Margaret Gilpin who – for more than 20 years served as president of U.S.-Cuba Health Exchange (U.S.C.H.E.), which spearheaded medical and scientific interchange between Cuba and the U.S.  Margaret authored many articles about the Cuban health-care system and seminal articles about the Cuban family-medicine program.  In the ’90s, she turned to documentary filmmaking.  Her 1996 documentary, Mariposas en el Andamio/Buttterflies on the Scaffold, looks at drag and being gay in Cuba.

Contributing Producers:

Jane Franklin – lecturer/Historian/Author of  Cuba And The United States: A Chronological History (http://janefranklin.info)
Jennifer Wager – Filmmaker (Venezuela Rising and Against The Silence) and professor of advanced media studies at Essex Community College in Newark, NJ
Fred Nguyen – Engineer, Videographer and former News Reporter with the WBAI Sunday News.
Barbara Day – Former WBAI News Director/and Associate Weekend News Director of The WBAI Sunday News.  Kiplinger Fellow-Journalism -Ohio State University/ Journalist and Professor at BMCC/NYC.


The creators of this website understand the global environment todays media finds itself in… and the impact that media can have on public opinion.  We note with alarm the continuing propaganda aimed at our closest neighbor to the south and wish to present an alternative to the political designs that largely control the corporate media – influencing  (and influenced by) both U.S.-Cuba policy and mainstream opinion.  We understand that statistics and polls show the majority of U.S. citizens, including those of Cuban descent, favor normalization of relations with Cuba.  We sincerely hope that Cuba In Focus continues to foster that dialogue – eventually leading to peace between our two nations.

We aim to be a definitive source for news, analysis and information about Cuba’s changing reality, her regional and international relations, Cuban culture and U.S.-Cuba policy.
We welcome your comments and suggestions.